Are you having concerns about the current situation of your building construction? Have you noticed or experienced leaks, cracks on the walls, bad electrical wiring, and other minor and major faults in your Brisbane property? A building inspection is one way to assess this sort of activity and help with establishing what to do next!

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Why Carry Out Building Inspections?

Building inspections include a detailed assessment of a building or property to point out minor or major defects. The inspections are generally intended to help the owner or occupant identify areas that need repairs or replacements. 

By getting a professional to spot out these minor and major effects, it saves a lot of stress, worry and money in the long run. Building inspections are paramount to guarantee the safety and longevity of the building we live in or intend to purchase. 

More importantly, you should carry out a detailed inspection of the proposed building before closing the deal. Since you’d be investing quite some on a property, it’s only responsible that you assess its condition before payment. From the assessment report of a qualified building inspector, you can decide to get a better home deal. 

The Certifier can do just that. They’re also local to Brisbane and are known for their reputable building inspections they provide to the Brisbane community and properties. For more on their surveying expertise and how they can help with your current or next property, check out their website, at

When Is The Right Time For an Inspection?

First, before sending out your offer to purchase a property. The terms and conditions during offer negotiations should include the building inspection report. Before closing, you’d be on a safer side if the seller is aware of the minor and major defects of the building. 

Also, before renting a property, employ the services of a building inspector for the structure, plumbing, and other parts of the apartment to be assessed. 

Already a tenant and homeowner? Then now is the right time to inspect your home to be rest assured of your safety. Buildings, irrespective of how indestructible they look on the outside sometimes have major defects. 

These faults can only be pointed out by a professional, like The Certifier, with years of experience in the industry. After which owners and residents should plan for repairs accordingly.

Parts of the Building To Be Inspected 

People often wonder what parts of a building need inspection and sometimes how frequently should they be inspected. For starters, your inspector would carry out a thorough assessment of both the interior and exterior parts of the building. The best term to use for this process is turning your building inside out. 

Building inspections include thoroughly checking the following areas;

  • The drainage
  • Roof Compartment 
  • The Structure (Walls, Stairs, Ceiling, etc)
  • Electrical amenities (electrical appliances, wiring, lighting, power points, etc)
  • Rising damp 

Ideally, you should get an overview of the building inspection before hiring the inspector for the job. This checklist should cover specific areas to be inspected and what to expect at the end of the assessment.

Is It Necessary To Inspect A New Building? 

There’s this misconception that new buildings somehow are in their best shape because “They are new.” Meanwhile, a newly built structure or ongoing construction site is only as good as the construction manager and workers. 

So yes, you must carry out a building inspection on a new building. It truly wouldn’t cost that much to assess the building materials and construction work you paid so much for. 

Think about it for a second, even with the best construction team, you still have workers who have to juggle multiple tasks daily. Specifically, if the construction had to be on target where each worker is being under constraint and pressure. Often, buildings with such high expectations have to be rushed hereby resulting in poorly constructed structures. New buildings should undergo inspection after completion.

Building Inspection Codes In Australia 

In Australia and Brisbane, there are building codes that include routine inspection of your property or building. These codes are usually not enforced daily which is why homeowners sometimes take them for granted. 

However, homeowners get charged with Building Control Regularisation Charges when building inspections and assessment reports are outdated. The Local Authority Building Control Department monitors the building inspection reports to guarantee the state of houses at the grassroots.

Are You In Dire Need of a Building Inspector?

Building inspections should be routinely done to guarantee the safety of residents on the property. Only an expert in this field can, however, carry out this inspection. Reach out to a team like The Certifier to ensure your current or next Brisbane property is only in the safest hands.

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